Outsourcing Analytics Services to India

Posted on 17/10/12

India has become the cherished destination for outsourcing business services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) became the highlight of the decade when many global corporations transferred their voice & non-voice operations to India and this led to a massive reduction of costs favoured by the currency arbitrage. In the beginning of 21st century, India was considered a cost-effective region and the only reason to outsource processes was to save money on trivial processes. However, the landscape has now changed significantly as apart from the price value that the country is able to offer to businesses across the globe, there are many case studies where the quality output & innovation has brought new meanings to ‘Off Shore Deliveries’ – a term used to denote outsourcing delivery centres in India. India is now recognized as the talent hub for outsourcing in accounting, finance, software, Data Management, Actuarial Science, and more. Even the big four companies rely on their support offices in India for managing presentations and data collection. 

Data Analysis Outsourcing is a relatively newer domain. And it emerged from big financial institutions & consulting companies who hire subject specialists & statistical experts to manage end-to-end projects directly from the offshore centres. With cross-geographical training happening & Indian professionals picking up on communication & project management skills, multi-million dollar projects started to engineer by the offshore teams. This was a great step in the journey as it shed the belief that only the processes with ‘mundane, repetitive’ elements can have outsourcing capabilities.


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